Closed-Loop Logistics

Closed-Loop Logistics

Comprehensive logistics for the emerging Smart Home economy

Goodman Networks and our partners simplify the deployment and recovery of electronics using our unique Closed-Loop Logistics solution. Annually, our logistics services manage the forward deployment of nearly 10 million units of electronics and the recovery of over a million devices. Efficiency, white-glove customer interactions and cost-effectiveness are our priority. By leading all aspects of your electronics logistics process, we are able to provide for a more seamless user experience for your customers and help reduce costs and confusion for you. Additionally, we customize the forward and reverse logistics for your products based on your rules and requirements and by utilizing data analytics. These customizations result in more time-efficient and lower cost solutions.

Use our entire Closed-Loop Logistics process and we will handle the end-to-end logistical aspects of getting your product to market. Or, utilize a specific stage, like our reverse logistics services, to help solve your electronics’ logistics challenges.

Stages 1-2

Import & Assemble

Goodman Networks provides end-to-end logistics management, beginning with coordinated import and on-shore delivery of your components. We focus on continual analysis and optimization of these shipments to ensure our customers receive products quickly and with the lowest transport costs possible.

  • Improved custom clearance due to importing of known components versus finished goods
  • Pro-active risk avoidance of potential future tariffs
  • Established relationships with border authorities
  • Established relationships with end customers

Stage 3

Stage & Kit

With your budget in mind, Goodman Networks stages and kits your equipment to ensure proper delivery, improved quality and lower costs.

  • Testing, kitting and QA/QC activities ensure orders are complete and accurate in initial shipment to the customer (or our technician)
  • Utilizing a controlled environment, errors are reduced and the cost of kitting and staging are decreased versus field kitting

Stage 4

Forward Logistics

Goodman Networks simplifies your storage and delivery processes by coordinating logistics from warehouse to your customer’s home or office. Our coordination efforts ensure fast delivery to your eager customers.

With our fleet of technicians and the help of our partners, we seamlessly facilitate top-tier delivery services.

Leverage Logistics Assets:
  • A strategically located mega-warehouse
  • Utilization of a nationwide network of hundreds of partner cross docks or local manned garages to support last mile initiatives
Leverage of Transportation/Fleet Assets:
  • 2,600  installation/delivery vehicles
  • Access to 2,600 technician/drivers in vans

Stage 5

Install & Integrate

We provide the services to install and integrate equipment into both in-home networks and in network facilities. We do this via our HomeCTOTMs for home applications and our Mobile Smart HandsTM for network operators and enterprise environments.

We offer:

  • Advice and installation
  • Set up and integration
  • National scheduling and dispatch
  • Customer Care Center and NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • 2,600 Field Technicians
  • Approximately 5,000 unique site visits per day

Stage 6

Monitor, Fix & Repair

As more and more devices are added to home networks, the complexity grows creating a need for Goodman Networks’ solutions. Via the combined best practices of our award winning Network Operations Center (NOC), call center and local technicians, we assess and repair in-home networks with the skill and speed to delight your customers every time.

  • Step 1: Networked items can be monitored and often fixed through our NOC and call center.
  • Step 2: Our Mobile Smart HandsTM or HomeCTOTM professionals can be dispatched to evaluate the situation on-site and troubleshoot/fix or repair/replace (as appropriate).
  • Step 3: If a device cannot be fixed on-site, our RMA process will retrieve the item.

Stage 7

Reverse Logistics

When in-home repairs are not sufficient, Goodman Networks implements a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process based on your requirements. Our technicians or a trusted partner will retrieve the equipment from your customer’s home to kick off the next steps of your RMA process.

When the item arrives at our Network Integration Center (NIC), centralized processes of assessment, repair, return to manufacturer, recycling, cleaning and possible return to refurb inventory take place based on your rules and requirements.

Our RMA process features have been optimized to ensure customer loyalty:

  • Highly automated processes
  • Ability to return via local tech or partners
  • Deliver and reinstall a replacement via Mobile Smart HandsTM or HomeCTOTMs within 24 to 48hours
  • Return to our NIC
  • Full assessment, test, refurb, return to manufacturer, and return to refurb inventory available


White-glove in-home


Skilled carrier and
enterprise technicians


Comprehensive logistics
for the emerging Smart
Home economy