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Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

18 years of deployment experience for Network Operators

Our team has been trusted by some of the largest communications companies in the U.S. to provide project management, site searches, engineering, construction, integration and logistics, in support of their networks nationwide. Currently self-performing in 25 states across the eastern US, Goodman Networks supports a range of Wireless Infrastructure Programs with the help of our dedicated tower crews and cell site technicians.

Our technicians are supported by a mature and highly effective support operations group. Together, they ensure some of best safety, quality, and on-time performance metrics in the industry. As a result, we have become highly proficient at exceeding customer expectations in complex, multi-technology and multi-vendor environments across large geographies

Technologies and solutions offered:

  • 5G
  • 4G
  • LTE
  • Small Cell
  • DAS (including use of our DAS Quote ToolTM)
  • Base station decommissioning and harvesting
  • Design and Engineering

Site Acquisition

Simplified zoning and permitting

Since Goodman Networks founding, we have managed and completed tens of thousands of leasing, zoning, regulatory and permitting projects. Each project completed has helped us create internal processes focused on completing site acquisition projects with speed, resourcefulness, and a commitment to simplicity for our customers. Goodman Networks prioritizes resourcefulness and speed in each task completed so that your infrastructure project deadlines are met.

Our site acquisition team:
• Manages Documentation
• Coordinates legal review processes
• Negotiates directly with landlords
• Verifies compliance checklists and coordinates compliance processes

The team also:
• Establishes best practices for site acquisition for market specific conditions
• Provides consistent reporting and ensured minimal data integrity issues
• Provides a flexible work force to respond quickly to changing customer needs
• Leverages our relationship with the MLA tower companies
• Implements training and tools to maximize productivity and consistency

A&E Services

Expert design and engineering for wireless infrastructure programs

Goodman Networks’ team of architectural and engineering professionals brings to bear years of knowledge of industry standards & best practices, local codes and network operator specifications. We offer both self-perform and our “trusted partner” network of local resources in many regions.

We offer our customers the following end-to-end, wireless site engineering and architectural services:

Preliminary and final site drawings

  • Civil, electrical, structural, mechanical, tower, RF and landscape plans
  • Required drawings for civil, electrical, structural, mechanical, landscape and more
  • Structural analysis (tower & rooftop)
  • Tower reinforcement design
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Land surveys
  • Technical support for municipal hearings


Experts in construction management

Our tower and civil crews help us provide construction capabilities, better enabling us to achieve 3G, 4G, 5G and transport network program schedule requirements. Availability of qualified tower and civil crews is vitally important for fulfillment of the volume of work associated with ongoing network implementation and enhancement programs.

We support our tower climbers and cell site technicians with state of the art training programs. These programs are created specifically with our customer’s program in mind, ensuring that all our technicians are experts in the field.

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All Goodman Networks construction work is overseen by our independent quality and safety organization.

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Multi-vendor experienced technicians

Goodman Networks can provide integration and optimization services as independent offerings or as a part of a larger scale infrastructure project or equipment upgrade program:

Dedicated in-house team with rapid-response availability across the eastern country.

  • Team members are thoroughly trained in OEM technologies and most carrier systems.
  • Our project management expertise drives efficiency
  • Custom-developed tools to optimize workflow and data collection.
  • ISO/TL-compliant maintenance and calibration of test equipment.

Our service offering include:

  • Commissioning and Integration (C&I)
  • Drive Testing
  • Issue Resolution
  • 911 Testing